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Event Highlights 2017


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Event Highlights 2018

Leipzig awaits its visitors in 2017 with a loaded events calendar. Below we have put together the highlights for you. The complete list is also available for convenient download.
Event Highlights Leipzig 2017 (pdf 503.5 kB)

500th Anniversary of the Reformation (year-round)

Luther and Stromer in Auerbachs Keller
The Reformation was a formative event for the city. Its 500th anniversary will be celebrated in 2017 with a “Kirchentag on the Way”, the “Summer of the Reformation” and a dozen special exhibitions in Leipzig’s museums.


Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig: Hundertwasser Experience (until 24 August)

Hundertwasser Exhibition; Photo: Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
“Hundertwasser Experience” is the name of the new masterpiece by the Italian group of artists Immersive Art Factory led by their Artistic Director Gianfranco Iannuzzi. For the world premiere on 24 September 2016, the artists have transformed the former machine hall at the new art centre in Leipzig West into a colourful, captivating, vibrant immersive Hundertwasser world.


asisi Panometer Leipzig: Titanic (starting 28 January)

Photo: Panometer Leipzig
Yadegar Asisi’s latest panorama project TITANIC will focus less on the actual disaster in 1912 than rather the sinking of the luxury liner as an example for the hubris of man. Asisi intends to trigger fascination for the grandiose engineering achievement while posing the question of mastering nature. At the same time he draws attention to the finite nature of human existence.


Museum of Fine Arts: Emil Nolde and the "Brücke" (12 February - 5 June)

Photo: Nolde Stiftung Seebüll
The young expressionist “Brücke” group around Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff was fascinated by the outstanding painter Emil Nolde. Their almost two-year creative collaboration with him from 1906 induced the beginning of modern art in Germany. For the first time, 150 of their artworks from painting, drawing and printing are presented in this exhibition as a precious documentation of German art history.


Leipzig Book Fair (23 - 26 March)

Photo: Leipziger Messe
March in Leipzig is characterised by reading. The annual Leipzig Book Fair and its reading festival „Leipzig reads“ are the spring events of the book and media sector. Authors, readers and publishing companies meet to engage in exchange and discover what is new.


Spinnerei Gallery Tour (29 April - 1 May)

Spinnerei 2015 Werkschau, Foto: Nils Petersen
The Spinnerei, formerly continental Europe’s largest cotton mill, is now home to Leipzig’s top galleries and more than 100 artist studios. Three times a year, all galleries and exhibition spaces open up new exhibitions.


"Kirchentag on the Way" (25 - 28 May)

Kirchentag on the Way 2017
Music. Dispute. Life. The Kirchentag in Leipzig will be held under this trinity of mottoes. An open-air ecumenical service for Ascension Day will be the prelude to this, as at other locations. On the following days, everyone is invited to come together to pray, sing and debate.


"Wave-Gotik-Treffen" (2 - 5 June)

People at Wave Gotik Treffen
Every year at Whitsun, the WGT – the largest gothic festival in the world – is held in Leipzig. During the four days of the festival, some 20,000 visitors join concerts, parties, opera performances, exhibitions, medieval markets and readings. All of Leipzig turns into a black colourful catwalk – to the delight of both residents and tourists. Watch out for the special anniversary programme.


Bachfest Leipzig: "A beautiful new song - Music and Reformation" (9 - 18 June)

Bachfest Leipzig; Photo: Mothes
With 75,000 visitors and more than 100 events, the Bachfest Leipzig counts among the most important classical music festivals in the world. Performances at authentic Bach sites and the involvement of the Gewandhaus Orchestra and St. Thomas Boys Choir render the Bachfest Leipzig unique. For the Reformation anniversary2017, the festival will focus on Luther’s influence on Bach.


Klassik airleben (23 - 24 June)

Klassik Airleben; Photo: Gerber
The Leipzig Gewandhausorchester goes open air and performs in the popular Rosental park to celebrate the end of the concert season. Best of all, admission for the two concert nights under conductor Alexander Shelley is free! Pack a picnic basket, blankets, chairs and barbecue equipment and enjoy the concerts in relaxed summer atmosphere.


Ring Cycle within the Wagner Festival at the Leipzig Opera (28 Jun - 2 Jul)

The Ring Cycle at Leipzig Opera
Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig in 1813. With the festive premiere of Twilight of the Gods in 2016, the Leipzig Opera has a complete Ring in its repertoire for the first time in over forty years. The complete Ring Cycle is staged twice in 2017: 7/8 January + 25/26 March and during the Richard Wagner Festival 28 June - 2 July. Further events like exhibitions, concerts and guided tours complete the programme of the festival.


International Choir Festival Leipzig (14 - 16 July)

Gewandhauskinderchor; Photo: Gerber
Choirs from Sweden, Italy, China, America, Germany, Russia, Poland and many other countries will be singing together in Leipzig, the city of music, for a better world.


Monday Concerts at the Bach Monument (July - August)

Photo: Dirk Brzoska
Every year in summer, the Monday Concerts in front of the Bach Memorial take place at St. Thomas Church. For the free of charge event, visitors can bring their own chair and enjoy classical music with renowned international artists. If the weather is bad, the concert will take place inside St. Thomas Church. The concerts range from Bach to Blues and are held every Monday at 7pm.


Night of the Arcades (1 September)

Concierge auf dem Passagenfest; Foto: LVZ online / André Kempner
Leipzig’s famous and unique passageways and courtyards will be filled with art and culture, activities and shopping during the annual Night of the Arcades. With a varied programme sure to provide something for everyone, Mädler Passage and Speck’s Hof, Messehof, Städtisches Kaufhaus and, for the first time, the courtyards on Brühl, as well as the large department stores, will be open from 6pm to midnight.


Schumann Festival Week (9 - 17 September)

Photo: Brzoska
The annual Schumann Festival Week is held around the wedding anniversary of Robert and Clara Schumann on 12 September and Clara's birthday on 13 September.
The life and work of the famous musical couple will be explored from a new angle every year, with a focus on a different family friend or acquaintance.


Leipzig Jazz Days (5 - 14 October)

Leipzig Jazz Days - Nguyên Lê; Photo: Saigon
The international Leipzig Jazz Days is one of the most well-known jazz festivals in Germany. It runs over roughly ten days and opens the Leipzig autumn festival season.
At various venues across the city, including the Leipzig Opera House, the Jazzclub Leipzig presents music, which lives on the combination of two opposites like no other art form: individuality and collective spirit.


Festival of Lights Leipzig (9 October)

Photo: LTM Punctum Alexander Schmidt
Every year Leipzig commemorates the first large Monday demonstration with a Festival of Lights and numerous events. The events on October 9, 1989, were considered the beginning of the Peaceful Revolution in the GDR. With light, audio and video performances, international artists create changing perspectives and establish references to the present.



GRASSIMESSE (Trade Fair for Applied Art and Design) & Designers' Open (20 - 22 Oct)

Designers' Open; Photo: Tom Schulze
The GRASSIMESSE as an international forum of contemporary applied art and experimental design stands in the tradition of the historical GRASSIMESSE, founded in 1920 as “Meeting Place of Modernity.” Once an off-programme of the Grassimesse, the Designers´ Open is a well-established independent design festival, globally-oriented and a place for the newest trends in fashion, product, industrial and communication design, as well as architecture.



DOK Leipzig (30 October - 5 November)

Photo: Andreas Schmidt
The annual DOK Leipzig is one of the oldest documentary festivals worldwide. Under this year´s leitmotif “Borders and Identities” the festival surprises its audience with a cutting-edge approach to storytelling and an unpredictable programming, 350 films and the events offered for professional visitors.


Leipzig Christmas Market (28 November - 23 December)

Christmas Market; Photo: LTM/PUNCTUM
Leipzig Christmas market dates all the way back to 1458. Its six areas are set in chime with the fascinating historical scenery of the Leipzig city centre. With more than 250 twinkling stalls embedded harmoniously in the historic centre, Leipzig Christmas market is not only one of the oldest but also one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. Visitors are offered a multitude of festive delights.